5 Perechi de Ochelari Cool

Hey my ladies ­čÖé

Incepem saptamana in forta….si chiar daca a venit iarna la noi ;;)…si ninge deja in unele parti ale tarii…eu vin cu 5 propuneri de ochelari mai diferiti….mai cool – ca sa alungam vremea rece si sa atragem un pic de soare ;;)

Daca participi la anumite evenimente sau doar vrei sa iesi in evidenta….sigur te va atrage una dintre cele 5 propuneri de ochelari ­čśŤ

We start this week in force :)…..even the winter is here ­čÖé and in some parts of our country is snowing already….I come with 5 glasses proposals for you…..different & cool – to chase away the cold weather and bring some sun ;;)

Soooo…if you have to attend some special events or you just want to stand out…..you will sure be attracted by one of my 5 proposals.

5. Ochelari Aviator / Aviator Glasses

4.Ochelari Bicicleta / Bicycle Glasses


3.Ochelari Profesoara / Teacher Glasses


2.Ochelari Rotunzi / Round Glasses

1.Ochelari Inimioara / Hearth Glasses

Va las mai jos un video cu Sarah care va prezinta toate cele 5 perechi de ochelari ­čÖé

I leave below a video with Sarah┬á ­čÖé that shows you our 5 pairs of glasses ­čÖé

Voua care va plac? Ce pereche ati purta?

Aveti si voi ochelari ciudati?

Witch pair is your favorite ?

Do you have different glasses?

Kissesss my beautiessss! :* :* :*


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