Sweet Soaps from Thassos


Hey my beauties,

M-am intors din Grecia cu cateva suveniruri si desigur cateva produse de beauty :)…M-am oprit in bazar ,la un magazin cu diferite produse de beauty , skin care, uleiuri de par si aceste sapunele de toate felurile si aromele. Normal ca m-am atras din prima si a trebuit sa imi cumpar cateva pentru mine si pentru a le face cadou unor prietene <3

I returned from Greece with some souvenirs  and of course…with some beauty products 🙂 I took a walk in the bazar and I found a store with some beauty products, skin care, hair oils and many soaps with all kind of flavors. Of course that I had to buy few soaps for me and for my friends <3


Eu mi-am luat urmatoarele sapunele in forma de inima care miros adorabillllll! <3

I bought these soaps in heart shape that smell adorable!!! <3


Seamana putin cu produsele si sapunelele de la Lush si miros la fel de bine <3 Eu le-am luat cu 2.50 € / bucata , pretul este ok tinand cont de parfumul lor si de cat sunt de frumusele.

Asa ca daca ajungeti prin Thassos nu ezitati sa va luati cateva sapunele superbeee <3

They look like the products and soaps from Lush and they smell as good as those <3 I bought mine with 2.50 € /piece , the price is a good one considering their smell and the fact that they look soooo pretty.

Soooo…if you go in Thassos on holiday(maybe next year because the summer is over 🙁 ) you can take some of this gorgeous soaps too! :*

Va pup dulceeee! :*



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